LoCurativo presents Un Vagón Hermoso en Nueva York in partnership with Canal Chapter NYC

One night only art auction with works from over 30 artists, remarks from 18-year-old Argentine activist.

New York, NY, April 3, 2008 – LoCurativo presents a one-night-only art auction at Canal Chapter NYC (343 Canal Street in Manhattan) on Thursday, April 10 from 7pm to midnight, to help raise money and generate support for Argentina’s Un Vagón Hermoso (“A Beautiful Wagon”) project. The fundraiser is being presented in conjunction with a visit to the U.S. by 18-year-old Argentine activist Emilio Perez Campanelli who is a member of Ecoclub Buratovich/Un Vagón Hermoso. Mr. Campanelli will be in New York to participate as a Global Teen Leader in the Three Dot Dash Foundation’s 2008 Just Peace Summit.

All monies raised on April 10 will go directly to Un Vagón Hermoso to enable them to finish renovating two abandoned traincars for community use. Funds are currently needed to cover the costs of repair, materials, equipment, furnishings, and power for the traincars. The project has thus far sustained itself solely through the work of the community without any sponsorship, government grants, or support from the private sector.

Works for the art auction have been generously donated in support of the project. Participating artists include: Brad Kalhammer, Anna Hostvedt, Amy Wetpfahl, Aurora de Armendi, Pamela Parker, Kalika Farmer, Theo Ellsworth, Michelle Bonneau, Nicole Cherubini, Clara Fialho, Zoe McCloskey, Martyna Szczesna, Sarah Nicole Phillips, The 62, Sophie Lvoff, Cathy Mooses, Catherine Burke, Alfredo Garcia, Andy Cook, Mary Kate Maher, Orvokki Halme, Leigh Ruple, Julian Gatto, Caroline Woolard, Justin Waldron, Firelei Baez, Leah Hebert, Barbara Mason, Alex Campaz, Carlos Perez, Caitlin Gianniny, Marcus Romero, Pablo Diaz, Leah Wolff, and Jennifer Parks. The crowd-pleasing audiovisual dance band, TODOSANTOS (from Brooklyn via Venezuela; Flamin Hotz’ Records) is set to perform. Additionally, there will be a $5-10 sliding scale door charge to generate funds for Un Vagón Hermoso.

In the summer of 2007, a band of activists and artists (LoCurativo) from NYC was invited by Ecoclub Buratovich/Un Vagón Hermoso to trek down to rural Argentina to conduct art workshops and social and environmental investigations with the local community and assist in the process of reclaiming two abandoned traincars for public use.

LoCurativo works with international communities willing to host groups of artists to engage in a cultural exchange through collective art practices. Though many of the artists are based in New York City these projects travel throughout the Americas and help to build relationships and break down preconceptions across borders. LoCurativo projects are initiated by Cathy Mooses and then realized collectively by participants who take the initiative to run their own projects. LoCurativo is in part an evolution of the Latin American Community Art Project, which Miss Mooses co-founded and directed projects for in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador from 2004-2006. These projects have hosted over 40 NYC based artist over the last three years. Small grants and donations support these endeavors but are largely invested in by the artist themselves. LoCurativo projects are committed to a set of social goals, but have a model which is in continual metamorphosis and depends on the collective efforts of a select group of artists to develop its identity.

ABOUT CANAL CHAPTER NYC The Canal Chapter is an inventive space, created and directed by artists to promote and cultivate emerging ideas. Formed 2 years ago by the collective 1134NYC, with the support of Red Bull, The Canal Chapter became a sculptural verb that functions as a social experiment. Inspired by the alternative art spaces that dominated SoHo four decades before, the members work together to procure a fertile environment for creative minds to thrive free from social limitations. Members vary in profession and focus from designers to engineers. It began as a reflection of New York's Downtown scene and now aims to extend the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary art dialogues.

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