Un vagón hermoso

Un vagón hermoso is a project to restore two abandoned train cars in the rural town of Mayor Buratovich, Argentina with the intent to reevaluate ideas of community development, and to reactivate the voices and historical visions first begun by the immigrants who founded the town at the turn of the century. The railway wagons will be used as a community workspace with internet access, literature, and supplies (wagon one) and as a residence for visiting artists and other guests (wagon two) linking local youth, free agents, and artists in the realization of social projects via exhibitions, art workshops, outdoor cinema events, access to technology, the creation of small edition literature, interviews among neighbors and new immigrants, group meals/public picnics, and other manifestations that value public over private and the collective over the individual.
Un Vagón Hermoso values itself as an ‘open’ project, that re-invites conversation regarding historical processes and politics that haven’t been discussed since the disillusionment created after ‘progreso y porvenir’, and gives new meaning to the potential for goodness through community public work.

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